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Animal Farm

Experience the Animal Farm at White post farms 

Have you ever had that feeling wherein you come at a zoo, check out all the animals in the zoo, and still felt like you could’ve done something more to make your day? More like, you could’ve had fed and/or bottle-fed the animals to your hearts’ content? Or may have tried something more, like touching these animals with your bare hands? More like having an interactive session with the beautiful animals in the area?

Well, I feel you, most of the animal zoos keep their precious animals behind cages since most of these animals are wild and could cause more harm than entertainment if handled with strangers.





So if ever you’d like to have the most out of the buck that you’re paying for the show, and more, come and visit the Long Island Animal Farm at White post farms. Most of the animals were born and raised on the farm, that is one of the reasons why the farm animals are very friendly and are fun to play with.

You can even have your little ones, yes; even toddlers can have most of their fun time feeding or bottle feeding the friendliest animals here at the Farm. These animals are used to being petted and fed, so you don’t have to worry about them causing any harm at all to you or even to your little ones.

Aside from the goats, sheep, cows, pigs and the rest of the farm animals, we have exotic animals like lama’s, camels, zebra’s, Kangaroos and so much more. You can also experience our bird aviary here at the Animal Farm were you can feed the birds with feeding sticks which have sesame seeds attached to them. just wait and see how the birds land on your hands to eat. Savor the beautiful experience as your kids laugh with joy and entertainment as birds fly over to them to grab a bite on the sticks with the food they’ve offered.

Aside from feeding the animals, we also offer pony rides, train ride, shows, bouncers, playgrounds and so much more.

The Long Island animal farm  at white post farms has a lot to offer, not to mention hens that can also play tricks and entertain you while you’re on the area. These and so much more, how else would you want to spend your fall celebration with your family? Why not book yourself now, and visit the Animal Farm in Long Island to have a lifetime experience.



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